会 讯 2003-3-22

Nanyang University Alumni Association of Canada (Toronto)
(March 22, 2003)

(1) New Executive Committee

The seven alumni who were elected to the Executive Committee on December 26 met among themselves on January 12 to allocate the various Committee posts. The result of the allocation was:

  President陈国相  Tan Kok Chiang (Chen Guoxiang)
  Vice President:巫厚杰  Moe How Kiat (Wu Hou Jie)
  Secretary:侯 平  Haw Peng (Hou Ping)
  Treasurer:罗时勤  Lo S Chyn (Luo Shi Qin) - 2003;
陈玲玙  Tan Lan Hee (Chen Ling Qiu) - 2004
  General Affairs:吴振强  Wu Ching Keong (Wu Zhen Qiang)
  Recreation:蔡妙林  Chua Meow Lim (Cai Miao Lin)

The new Committee met with the outgoing Committee on February 2 for the transfer of duties.

The Committee was supposed to meet on February 23 to plan the program for the year; but the meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.

The planning meeting was finally held on March 16. We were very fortunate to have Wu Yi Hua present when we discussed a number of Nantah-related issues. The rest of this newsletter deals with the discussions and decisions of this planning meeting.

(2) Principles Guiding Our Work

It was felt that as an alumni association, the focus of our work must be our alma mater; more specifically, the preservation and promotion of the good name of our alma mater. All organizations have members, and therefore have some social functions to perform, partly in order to promote a harmonious atmosphere to carry out the central task of the organization, but also for its own sake, as long as members feel a need for such functions. These also provide an opportunity for our second generation to build contacts and hopefully will instil the "Nantah spirit" in them.

With respect to our approach to decision making, we felt that although "majority rules" is the principle, we must always strive to achieve consensus. Most importantly, we must promote free consultation before major issues are decided.

(3) Urgent Nantah Issues

(i) Responding to the special appeal for support of the "One Page History of Nantah" written by Vancouver alumnus Zhu Yong An, we felt that at a time when the good name of our alma mater is in jeopardy, the effort is a desirable and significant one in principle. As an alumni association, we cannot shirk our responsibility to protect our alma mater, and thus ourselves. We would give Zhu Yong An the necessary support to enable individual alumni, but more importantly, groups of alumni to become more aware of the document, and declare their support. But we also felt that the process of formulating the declaration was hasty and lacked sufficient consultation, the approach to obtaining support over the net is not productive and appropriate, and publishing such support in the third volume of the history of Nantah may not be necessary. We will work with Zhu Yong An to overcome these problems.

(ii) Alumni in Kuala Lumpur formed a Nanath History Writing Committee some time ago. Last year, they brought a volume of Selected Historical Sources of Nanyang University (1953-1980) (南洋大学走过的历史道路) for distribution at the Sabah Reunion. The volume contains most of the historical documents related to Nantah published in the media over the period of Nantah's existence. For the first time in history, alumni are able to have access to some of the first hand data concerning our alma mater between two convenient covers. The volume is now being sold at cost for 50 Malaysian Ringgit. We have gladly agreed to serve as a distributing agent for the History Writing Committee. Alumni may place their orders with the Executive Committee. When we receive copies of the book, we will distribute them to those who have placed their orders on a "first come first serve" basis. The History Writing Committee plans to publish two more volumes, one being a collection of thematic papers by specialists, and the other a history of Nantah. (It is in this third volume that Zhu Yong An wishes to have appended the names of all those alumni who support his declaration.) We will keep members informed on the progress of this writing and publication.

(iii) The Committee realized that there were many other Nantah issues that needed our attention. Because there was insufficient time, and in any case, discussion of such issues should be conducted as widely as possible, a special session for all members was scheduled for 2:00 p.m., Saturday, April 19 at Bronte College. We will canvass members to see what they think are the urgent questions we need to talk about. All members are urged to attend this meeting to hear what others have to say, and to give their own opinion on the important questions facing our alma mater. Where it is necessary, and where there is consensus, we will make a decision. Otherwise, we would like to treat this as a "free for all" meeting. Perhaps, if the spirit of discussion has not cooled down by dinner time, we would let it overflow at dinner at a nearby restaurant.

(4) Constitutional Amendment

The Committee has begun to examine the clauses in the constitution regarding membership. We are looking at two types of membership, "regular" and "associate". "Regular" would be limited to alumni who, by virtue of their status, have a vested interest in carrying out the principal objective of the association, while "associate" could be any one who supports the objectives of the association, but may be more interested in the social side of the association. We would, of course, look into the rights and duties of members as well. Any necessary amendment would be drafted in time for discussion and approval at the regular Annual Meeting on December 26.

(5) Survey of Membership Interests

Although we feel we know the general interests of the membership, we would like to obtain more information in order to help us plan the program activities. We were trying to organize a number of "non-traditional" activities, such as week-end camping, retirement planning seminar, but were not too sure what the response would be. A questionnaire would be circulated at the July 12 picnic. Members would be asked to return the questionnaire by the end of the day.

(6) Communications within and with Other Alumni Organizations

Communications within the association has improved with the creation of an e-mail address book of members. But not all members subscribe to the internet, and not all members regularly read their e-mail, although e-mail is still the most convenient and cheap way of sending information. We will continue to use the internet for messages to the membership. Of course, for those who are not on the internet, we will continue to send them hard copies of the e-mail messages. Note that the internet e-mail address NUAAC_Toronto@yahoo.comhad been registered for Nanyang University Alumni Association of Canada (Toronto).

For communication purpose, the address of NUAAC (Toronto) for years 2003-2004 is as follow:

62 Shaunavon Heights Crescent,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3A 2P4
Tel: 416-447-4562

Communications with the fraternal associations unfortunately is non-existent. We do not receive news directly or indirectly from any of the associations. We have heard of changes in leadership, but it is not easy to get any information confirmed. Even when some of their activities directly concern us, we are not informed. A case in point is the Kuala Lumpur Nantah History Writing Committee appointing the Presidents of the fraternal associations to serve on that Committee as Vice Chairs. Although this is an excellent idea because it would help make sure that the history that is finally written has an all-Nantah perspective, and also facilitate in the distribution of published volumes, we have not received this invitation. The Executive Committee is therefore determined to spend some time establishing links with all the fraternal groups.

(7) Visitor

Fu Wen Yi of the 5th batch of graduates from the Department of Physics, a regular contributor to e-mail discussions, is visiting our fair city with his wife on May 3-5. Wen Yi, an activist in Nantah affairs, has requested to meet with fellow alumni to talk about various Nantah issues. The Executive Committee has gladly decided to give Dr. and Mrs. Fu our traditional form of welcome, a dinner reception to be attended by all members who wish to join. The dinner, to be at a convenient restaurant, would be preceded by a discussion which will begin at 3:00 p.m., Sunday, May 4, at Bronte College. All members are invited.

Note: We just received an e-mail from Wen Yi saying that he has cancelled his trip at this time. Therefore this event has been cancelled.

(8) Health Fair

Our regular membership is aging, and increasingly facing various kinds of medical problems. Many members of our younger generation are making impressive achievements in the health and medical field. We have been talking about involving the younger generation in the affairs of the association. The Executive Committee has therefore decided to hold a Health Fair in October when some of our sons and daughters can give their uncles and aunties valuable advice on how to live a healthy life. Houjie has been asked to look into the matter and report back to the Executive for final decision. Members who have ideas on what specific topics should be covered, how the Fair should be organized, etc. are invited to speak to Houjie.

Perhaps, if we are successful with the Health Fair, we can have other gatherings involving other members of our second generation. There are many engineers, lawyers, financial experts to draw from for similar gatherings.

(9) Membership Achievements

We looked into the question of holding an Awards Night to celebrate the achievements of our members, both first and second generation. The concept is a very good one, and, as we draw attention to ourselves of our success, it would have a very positive effect on the morale of the entire association. But we also felt that perhaps we are too small an organization to mount this on a regular basis. Instead, we would do it on an ad hoc basis, when we have anyone among us, young and old, who receives any significant recognition by society and is reported in the media, we will celebrate that recognition. Members are asked to keep the Executive informed of the performance of themselves and their children in order that we do not miss any opportunity to give pride to ourselves as a group.

(10) Charitable Walk

Toronto is a people's city where residents generously help one another to improve their quality of life. As citizens of Toronto, we would like to be a part of this movement. We would like to find an occasion when we can all go out and do our share of fund-raising for the poor and weak, and in the process enjoy a pleasant summer day in the sun. The Executive will try to find a suitable event in August when as many of us as possible can participate. We will see if we can avoid individuals going door to door to pledge for support by setting aside some money from our own funds to conduct this worthwhile activity.

(11) Charitable Status

We want to have Charitable Walks, Award Nights, Health Fairs and similar gatherings, and even our own association premises. We are very thankful to Xie Huaqian and Lei Yasheng for allowing us unlimited use of the premises of Bronte College. But won’t it be nice if there was a building which we could call it our own and which we could drop in any time for a cup of kopi-o and chit-chat, perhaps a game of ping-pong or mahjong?

So we need money, contributions. And one way to obtain such is to arm our association with a charitable status. We know the matter has been looked into before, but there is no harm in examining it once again.

(12) Telephone Committee

As before, a Telephone Committee is being formed as a network of communication between the Executive Committee and the membership.

(13) Newsletter

As another important means of communication among us, we will try to publish the newsletter as often as it is necessary. The next time around, we will include contributions from members. We will announce the contribution deadline well before the publication date. And as before, we will post it on the internet, as well as sending a hard copy to those who do not have an e-mail address.

(14) Program of Activities for 2003

2:00p.m., Saturday, April 19
 Bronte College: General membership discussion of Nantah issues
3:00p.m., Sunday, May 4
 Bronte College: General membership meeting with Fu Wenyi,
to be followed by dinner reception
(this event has been cancelled)
June(date, time and place to be decided):
Executive Committee meeting
10:00a.m., Saturday, July 12
 Sunnybrook Park, Family Picnic;
Questionnaire Survey of Membership Interests;
Executive Committee Touch Base
August(date and time to be decided):
Charitable Walk
SeptemberTentatively no activity
October(date and time to be decided),
Bronte College: Health Fair
November(date, time and place to be decided):
Executive Committee meeting
6:00p.m., Friday, December 26
 Boxing Day Party and Annual General Meeting
Activities in 2004 would be dependent upon input from general membership as recorded in responses to survey questionnaire, and suggestions made at Annual General Meeting

Produced and Published by the Executive Committee of Nanyang University Alumni Association of Canada (Toronto)

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